2020-2021 Executive Committee Nominations are open until April 30, 2020.

In order to make nominations for the Riverdale Executive Committee more accessible, this form can be used rather than a handwritten form. After entering your name and the role you are self-nominating for, please carefully enter your email address as a confirmation email will be sent to you and the form will be submitted to the Elections Coordinator.

List of members currently standing for the 2020-2021 Executive Committee, listed by role and then alphabetically by first name:

Darren SutherlandPresident
Edward DoddVice President
Steph JohnsSecretary
Peter DeVries
Stephen Courteau
Trevor RodgersDrawmaster
Glen BarbeauMember Relations
Mark FieldExternal Relations
Sara ClayEvents Coordinator
Cameron MacLeodCommunications

Submit your name for the 2020-2021 Executive Committee by completing the form below: