Riverdale Executive Nominations Update

Here is an update on the number of nominations received by Murray for each role so far. President: 1 Vice-President: 1 Secretary: 1 Treasurer: 1 Drawmaster: 2 Member Relations Coordinator: 1 External Relations Coordinator (nationals): 2 Comms Coordinator (website, email): 1 […]


2019 Heat Wave Bonspiel – Thank You


Riverdale Spare Rules Diagram


Photos from 10th annual CGCC & 27th annual DIOTI

The photos from every day of the Riverdale Bonspiel and the CGCC are available to share!


The secret of good sweeping


2013-2014 Registration has now closed

Thank you everyone for the incredible, unprecedented interest in joining Riverdale & Rotators! In 2013-2014 we will welcome 29 new Riverdale members, and 195 returning members from last year.

This year we had a record number of teams trying to return to the league, plus a record number of people on the waiting list. It’s becoming more and more challenging to find space for everyone who wants to participate, and there are disappointed would-be-curlers every year.

The Executive Committee will be reviewing every aspect of both the early registration process and the new curler registration to ensure we are approaching each step fairly and consistently. We will also be improving the amount of information and transparency about how placement decisions are made.

If you have suggestions for changes that you would like us to discuss, please comment here! (you can register at the bottom of the page if you want to comment) Many other sports leagues and groups use different methods, and we shouldn’t assume that any one group has the only possible approach.

Thank you again for your amazing enthusiasm, and we hope to see as many of you as possible on the ice very soon.

Communications Coordinator, Riverdale League

Early registration for returning curlers has closed

Early registration for all returning Riverdale and Rotators curlers has closed – if you still wish to curl please join us September 12th at Pegasus at 6:30pm to try and snag one of the few remaining spots, or to get on the clinic signup list, the spare list, or the waiting list!

2013-2014 Pre-registration is Open


Happy summer, Riverdale and Rotators curlers!

Pre-registration has now opened for the 2013-2014 season for all returning curlers! See our Registration page for more details.

Registration night for all new curlers is September 12, 2013. For early calendar updaters, here is Riverdale’s Season Calendar.

Important Notes:

  • Toronto playdowns for the 2014 Canadian Gay Curling Championships (CGCC) will be held Saturday, January 25, 2014, the same weekend as the Vancouver bonspiel
  • Riverdale finals day (and banquet) are Sunday, April 6, 2014, the same weekend as the CGCC in Edmonton

The executive committee was unhappy with these scheduling conflicts, but due to ice availability the only other option was to end the season one week earlier, which meant less curling for all 56 teams. It was decided that the best approach would be more curling for all teams, and early notification for any teams that choose to participate in the Toronto playdowns and the CGCC/Edmonton Bonspiel to help them plan their season.

New web server installed!

Welcome to the new web server! Everything should be roughly the same as last month, but everything should work much faster!

(If you spot any problems just comment below, or email webmaster@gaycurl.ca any time)

Do It On The Ice Photos from Richard!


Check out more photos from Do It On The Ice 2013 in this Facebook album from Richard Borbridge!

Photos from Do It On The Ice 2013!


Check out some photos from Do It On The Ice on Kent James’ Facebook album!


Intermediate Skills Clinic a hit!


Riverdale & Rotators’ first annual intermediate skills clinic was a huge hit – over 50 curlers ready to get their form torn down and built back up again, plus have some lunch!

The excellent coaches (from left) Holly, Danielle, Brian and Matt – cuties and bundles of sunshine too! – took us through explanations and demos of balanced delivery, stance, line, grip, sweeping, plus talked strategy and tactics. (Photo credit: Gerry Lewis)

Wes Delve who has curled for years told me “I’ve been sweeping left-handed this whole time!”

In the last segment of the clinic, the coaches gave us some game situations to play strategically, such as “your team is down by 3 going into the 7th end.” As I set my broom down for my lead’s opening rock, I heard Holly behind me say “NOPE.” We chatted quickly and I realized I was picking a  bad shot, strategy-wise!

After such a productive day, we’re sure to see high interest in this clinic next year too. Watch here and in the newsletter for signup next year!

Trivia Note: do you recognize anyone in this Start Curling commercial?

Registration Night!

September 11 at 6:30pm – Come one, come all, come on down to Pegasus and meet the players you’ll be up against this season! Or if you already know them, remind yourself why you love them so much! If you haven’t registered yet it’s first-come, first-served for the final team slots, so don’t be late!

2012-2013 Riverdale Game Dates Finalized

Looking to plan that winter holiday? Look no further – the schedule is ready! (PDF)

Remember that your team schedule will be posted before each draw, so watch for draw schedules in late September, late November, and early February.

Riverdale & Rotators at Pride!


Riverdale and Rotators will be at Toronto Pride June 30th and July 1st, showing off our summer tans and out-of-practice shouting skills – come say hi!

League members are welcome to join us in working the street! (no, not like THAT!)