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Riverdale Executive Committee Nominations Open for 2017-2018


Are you interested in helping run the Riverdale Curling League? Nominations are now open for the 2017-2018 Executive Committee! You can pick up nomination forms at the club on the piano or in the Riverdale section of the website. Hand your signed form to any executive committee member before 3pm on March 19th. At the banquet on April 2nd, elections will be held in order to decide next year’s Executive Committee.

Who’s on the executive right now? Visit the Contact Us page!

Positions for 2016-2017:

  • President – meeting organizer and tie-breaker [everything job]
  • Vice-President – helps solve whatever problems the Skip encounters [wide-ranging job]
  • Secretary – takes minutes, tracks Action Items, handles documentation [writing job]
  • Treasurer – tracks a large budget requiring a good eye for detail [math job]
  • Draw Master – schedules the games and tracks bye requests [technical job]
  • Communications Coordinator – keeps the website, Facebook, and Twitter accounts busy, and handles FTP/HTML/WordPress/PDF/PNG tasks on the website multiple times every week of the season [technical job]
  • External Relations Coordinator – works with other leagues on national championships, and with other groups on special events [everything job]
  • Member Relations Coordinator – works on registration, fee collection, newsletters, and more [wide-ranging job]
  • Events Coordinator – wrangles committee members and volunteers for our Do It On The Ice bonspiel each March [BIG job], plus our end of year banquet

[updated!] Help the Royals raise $70,000 for new rocks


Update: thanks to the generosity of members the Royal Canadian Curling Club has so far raised over $28,000!

But in order to have the new rocks in place in January, the fundraising campaign has to reach its goal THIS MONTH.

If you haven’t donated and are interested, please see below!

Did you know the rocks at our club are over 50?

Unlike humans who have to keep going (unless your 6/49 numbers turn up), curling stones need to retire earlier, and it’s time for new rocks at the Royals.

But getting the special granite from Scotland carved up and shipped to Toronto costs money, and Royals needs our help.

Here’s a message from the Royal Canadian Curling Club Board:

The Royals rocks have put in 50 years of good curling, and its time for them to enjoy their retirement. We desperately need new rocks, and that means we need you. We need to act now, to get the new rocks in play at Royals for January 2017.

How to support the campaign:

  1. Pledge $500 and name a handle*
  2. Pledge $125 a team member and have your team name(s) on a handle*
  3. Pledge $96 when renewing your membership. If every curler at Royals (club and associate leagues) pledges $96 we would reach our target.

    *Every handle purchased will be entered into a draw to win back one season’s club curling fees. Draw will take place at the AGM in September.
  4. To raise additional funds the Royals are selling advertising space in the arena. Consider helping by soliciting companies interested in purchasing space. Please contact Rob Ainsley for more details. Our fundraising drive will be launched on Finals night. If you aren’t able to come and join the fun, but would like to support our campaign please fill out the Rock the Royals Pledge forms and return to Bill McAnally ‐

Riverdale Spare Rules Diagram


Riverdale’s executive committee has released a new set of sparing rules (click here to view!) to simplify and clarify best practices. We hope this helps reduce confusion and keep competition balanced. Please contact any executive member if any questions!

Photos from 10th annual CGCC & 27th annual DIOTI




A message from
our amazing member
and super photographer
Gerry Lewis!



Hi curlers!

The photos from every day of the Riverdale Bonspiel and the CGCC are available to share. If you know anyone who’s not on Facebook, here are the direct links for each of the albums:

Thursday – Opening Ceremonies & Opening Draws:

Friday – Round Robin Draws & Sofonda Performance:

Saturday – Elimination Round & Playoffs

Sunday – Finals & Banquet

Enjoy the photos!


Some new amazing photos have arrived as well from Jennifer Girard – check them out here:

(you can download these by clicking the “…” icon at bottom right on any photo)

The secret of good sweeping


Check out these great blog posts by Scott Arnold on sweeping secrets and the heat generated by your broom – with infrared video! – and sweeping fabrics and how they can improve your game.

Researchers at the University of Western of Ontario have been studying sweeping and trying to determine exactly what it does to the path of a curling stone.

Key findings:

  • A mathematical formula was created to predict where the stone would stop based on its velocity and rotation as it crossed the hogline. It was found that top sweepers could extend the path of the stone by 6 to 7 feet over the final 1/3 of the sheet.
  • With the help of the infrared camera, it was determined that an “old school” type angle of brushing [45-90 degrees] created a more even heating pattern which will ultimately have a greater effect on the path of the stone.
  • If any sweepers are beyond three feet in front of the stone, the effects of heating are minimized or lost. As well, there is no increase in ice temperature in front of the stone with a third sweeper.
  • Canada’s top teams on tour will change their broom heads 2-4 times per game. Club curlers should know that they need to purchase a couple of replacement broom heads each season. After a game or two, take off one head and replace it with the other. Take the used head home and clean it with a scrub brush, soap and water. Rinse thoroughly. Let it air dry for a couple of days and it will be ready to be rotated with the head on the broom.

Welcome Curlers!


Curling is a great way to beat the winter blahs and enjoy some of the social interaction that sets the sport apart from others.

Toronto’s gay curling leagues provide people of all orientations with a unique and friendly way to beat the winter blues.

Since 1962, gay curlers have been enjoying the sport in growing numbers. Currently, Rotators has 14 teams and Riverdale has 56 teams.

Whether you’re a novice or an established curler, the gay curling leagues welcome you. Both leagues offer a variety of competition ranging from very recreational to fairly competitive.

Each league also hosts an annual bonspiel. Rotators’ spiel takes place in November, and Riverdale’s spiel is held in March.

Click here to download the brochure for the 2012-13 Riverdale and Rotators Curling Leagues (.PDF, Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Start Curling!


Interested in curling? The great website features everything you need to know about curling, including fun commercials filmed at the Royal Canadian Curling Club – check it out!