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Riverdale Executive Committee Nominations Open for 2017-2018


Are you interested in helping run the Riverdale Curling League? Nominations are now open for the 2017-2018 Executive Committee! You can pick up nomination forms at the club on the piano or in the Riverdale section of the website. Hand your signed form to any executive committee member before 3pm on March 19th. At the banquet on April 2nd, elections will be held in order to decide next year’s Executive Committee.

Who’s on the executive right now? Visit the Contact Us page!

Positions for 2016-2017:

  • President – meeting organizer and tie-breaker [everything job]
  • Vice-President – helps solve whatever problems the Skip encounters [wide-ranging job]
  • Secretary – takes minutes, tracks Action Items, handles documentation [writing job]
  • Treasurer – tracks a large budget requiring a good eye for detail [math job]
  • Draw Master – schedules the games and tracks bye requests [technical job]
  • Communications Coordinator – keeps the website, Facebook, and Twitter accounts busy, and handles FTP/HTML/WordPress/PDF/PNG tasks on the website multiple times every week of the season [technical job]
  • External Relations Coordinator – works with other leagues on national championships, and with other groups on special events [everything job]
  • Member Relations Coordinator – works on registration, fee collection, newsletters, and more [wide-ranging job]
  • Events Coordinator – wrangles committee members and volunteers for our Do It On The Ice bonspiel each March [BIG job], plus our end of year banquet

2016 Pre-Registration for Returning Curlers is Open Closed!

Happy Summer everyone!

Pre-registration for returning members (i.e., those who were paid members last season) is now closed!

Some important information to keep in mind:

  • All fees ($275 for full or $150 for half season) must be received by Wednesday September 14 in order to complete your registration and secure your spot.
  • The annual registration night for new curlers will take place on Wednesday September 14, 2016, at 7:00pm at Pegasus (489 Church Street).
  • The annual beginners’ clinic is still being scheduled and will be communicated once confirmed, and the first day of curling for Riverdale is October 16, 2016.

 Have a great summer and see you on the ice in a few months.

Darren Sutherland
Vice President

[updated!] Help the Royals raise $70,000 for new rocks


Update: thanks to the generosity of members the Royal Canadian Curling Club has so far raised over $28,000!

But in order to have the new rocks in place in January, the fundraising campaign has to reach its goal THIS MONTH.

If you haven’t donated and are interested, please see below!

Did you know the rocks at our club are over 50?

Unlike humans who have to keep going (unless your 6/49 numbers turn up), curling stones need to retire earlier, and it’s time for new rocks at the Royals.

But getting the special granite from Scotland carved up and shipped to Toronto costs money, and Royals needs our help.

Here’s a message from the Royal Canadian Curling Club Board:

The Royals rocks have put in 50 years of good curling, and its time for them to enjoy their retirement. We desperately need new rocks, and that means we need you. We need to act now, to get the new rocks in play at Royals for January 2017.

How to support the campaign:

  1. Pledge $500 and name a handle*
  2. Pledge $125 a team member and have your team name(s) on a handle*
  3. Pledge $96 when renewing your membership. If every curler at Royals (club and associate leagues) pledges $96 we would reach our target.

    *Every handle purchased will be entered into a draw to win back one season’s club curling fees. Draw will take place at the AGM in September.
  4. To raise additional funds the Royals are selling advertising space in the arena. Consider helping by soliciting companies interested in purchasing space. Please contact Rob Ainsley for more details. Our fundraising drive will be launched on Finals night. If you aren’t able to come and join the fun, but would like to support our campaign please fill out the Rock the Royals Pledge forms and return to Bill McAnally ‐

Riverdale Spare Rules Diagram


Riverdale’s executive committee has released a new set of sparing rules (click here to view!) to simplify and clarify best practices. We hope this helps reduce confusion and keep competition balanced. Please contact any executive member if any questions!

Welcome 2015-2016 Executive Committee Members

Happy Spring! The sun is out, the ice is getting slushy, and it’s almost time to relax a bit, maybe participate in some summer sports for a while. But don’t go far – curling starts up again in just six months! Make sure to watch this site, our Facebook page, or our Twitter account to ensure you’re in the loop for registration deadlines and news.

As there are no contested positions for 2015-2016 all positions are acclaimed, and the banquet will be election-free, and partying-heavy – see you April 12th!

Your Executive Committee for 2015-2016:

  • President: Murray Leaning
  • Vice-President: Joey Taylor
  • Secretary: Kevin Maloney
  • Treasurer: Darren Sutherland
  • Draw Master: Glen Newell
  • Communications Coordinator: Cameron MacLeod
  • National Liaison: Scott Harcourt
  • Member Relations Coordinator: Howard Fraiberg
  • Events Coordinator: Scott MacDougall



Photos from 10th annual CGCC & 27th annual DIOTI




A message from
our amazing member
and super photographer
Gerry Lewis!



Hi curlers!

The photos from every day of the Riverdale Bonspiel and the CGCC are available to share. If you know anyone who’s not on Facebook, here are the direct links for each of the albums:

Thursday – Opening Ceremonies & Opening Draws:

Friday – Round Robin Draws & Sofonda Performance:

Saturday – Elimination Round & Playoffs

Sunday – Finals & Banquet

Enjoy the photos!


Some new amazing photos have arrived as well from Jennifer Girard – check them out here:

(you can download these by clicking the “…” icon at bottom right on any photo)

Riverdale’s “Draw to the button” is coming up!


Date: November 2, 2014 (or November 9 if not playing November 2)

The team draw to the button event will take place after the conclusion of each of the games scheduled on November 2. For teams with a bye on that day, the team draw to the button event will take place on November 9Teams do not have the option to choose the date, and teams who complete the challenge on November 2 do not have the option to redo it on November 9.

The team draw to the button will be used as a secondary means to break ties after the end of each round (i.e. which teams move up and down after each round, how teams are ranked for the playoffs, aggregate winner, etc).  Refer to the Players’ Guide & Orientation Guide for detailed information as to how ties are broken.

How many rocks does each team throw and who throws them?

  • Each player on the team will throw one (1) rock. A team will throw a total of four (4) rocks.  No practice rocks are permitted.
    • If a team has four (4) players and one of those players is a spare, the spare player will throw one (1) rock on behalf of that team.
    • In the event that a team has only three players, one (1) member of the team must throw two (2) rocks.
      • The team member throwing two (2) rocks must be either the first or second player, but not the skip.
      • In the event that one of the first two players is a spare, the regular team member must be the person to throw two (2) rocks. The spare player can throw only one rock on behalf of the team.
  • The order in which players throw does not need to follow the throwing order in a game situation
  • In order to expedite completion of the team draw to the button event, each team should alternate throwing.

Is sweeping permitted?

  • Sweeping is permitted.  Any combination of the team’s players may be used as sweepers. At no time can more than two (2) people sweep the stone.
  • Do NOT sweep opposition rocks behind the tee line.

How are points scored?

  • The final resting position of the rock will determine the number of points awarded for the draw. Record the score for each player and calculate your team score.
  • Players who do not participate will earn a score of 0.
  • Teams that fail to return the score card will earn an overall score of 0.


Any questions? Contact or post on the Facebook group any time!


Riverdale & Rotators Registration Update


  • Riverdale 2014-2015 (Sundays) is FULL – all slots have been filled by returning teams, but we are still accepting people on the waiting and spare lists
  • Rotators 2014-2015 (Wednesday evenings) has spots remaining

Wednesday Sept 17th join us at Pegasus for a season-opening social! That evening you can:

  • Meet new and old friends!
  • Sign up for Rotators!
  • Pay your Rotators fees!
  • Get on the waiting list, in case slots open up in the next few weeks
  • Get on the spare list, so you can get in some occasional ice time
  • Sign up for the beginners’s clinic (open to first-year members and hopefully-new-curlers on the waiting list). Clinic is 10am-Noon on Saturday October 4th, at the Royals, but you must sign up September 17th at Pegasus!

2014-2015 Riverdale Curling Season Calendar is up!

Ready to fill in your calendars, you ultra-organized people? The calendar is up – start planning for where you’ll be Sundays this fall and winter!

Note: regular curling dates are set, but this calendar will be updated later this summer/fall to include out of town bonspiels and to confirm the beginners’ clinic.


Final Constitution Posted for Review Before Vote

The Riverdale Executive Committee has developed a Constitution setting out how our league operates, and we have incorporated much of your input as well! This Constitution will be voted on at our season’s-end banquet, so it has been posted for your review in the Riverdale section of the website.

The By-Laws are voted on by the Executive Committee, and will be posted as soon as the Committee approves them after the banquet (which is also our Annual General Meeting). Many comments were incorporated into the By-Laws as well, and the committee thanks all those who contributed.