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Riverdale & Rotators Registration is TONIGHT!

The festivities begin at 7pm, but many people arrive earlier to try to secure a scarce spot! Find the list either at the bar or with Cameron (look for a pink unicorn t-shirt and a black laptop). If you’re not successful in getting on a team, make sure you get on the waiting list and spare list!

2018 Pre-Registration for Returning Curlers is OpenCLOSED!

Hello Riverdale member,
Hope you’ve been enjoying your summer so far!  With Pride and Canada Day coming up quickly, we figure you MUST be ready to start thinking about curling again, right?!
1 payment of $345, or
2 payments of $190 (total = $380)
  1. Pre-registration for returning Riverdale curlers will start JUNE 20, 2018 and will close on August 31, 2018. Priority will be given to teams with 3 or more returning members – teams with fewer than 3 returning members will be prioritized on a pre-registration waiting list until the end of the pre-registration period, based on the time and date the online registration is received. (Prioritization diagram)
    • Pre-registration must be completed by ONE team member using the following link: You will be asked to provide your team members’ contact information; this will help us ensure our contact list is current – please make every effort to ensure all contact information is filled out accurately. Please note: online pre-registration requests, and automated acknowledgement emails, are NOT confirmations of registration. We will confirm your team’s successful pre-registration by email no later than September 8, 2018.
    • Fifth players do not count as “returning” members for pre-registration priority.
    • Once your team’s pre-registration has been confirmed, payment must be made by Interac money transfer, PayPal or cheque/cash to complete your registration.
      • If you wish to pay by Interac money transfer or PayPal, a link will be sent to you once your team’s pre-registration is confirmed.
      • If you wish to pay by cheque, after you have received your pre-registration confirmation, you may mail your cheque to Riverdale Curling League c/o Stephen Courteau, 504-2 Sultan Street, Toronto ON, M5S 1L7.
      • You may also pay by cash or cheque at registration night on September 13, 2018 at Pegasus.
      • A minimum payment of $190 per player must be received by Thursday, September 13, 2018 in order to complete your registration and secure your team’s spot in the league.


  2. The annual registration night for new curlers will take place on Thursday, September 13, 2018 at 7:00PM at Pegasus (489 Church Street).
  3. The date for our annual beginners’ clinic is still being scheduled, but will be communicated at a later date.
  4. The first day of curling for Riverdale is tentatively scheduled (depending on weather and ice) for September 30, 2018. Check the season calendar for the full season schedule and new draw times!

If you haven’t already done so, please join our Facebook group, or follow us on Twitter (@gaycurl), and check out the website regularly for the season calendar, updates and other news.

Enjoy the rest of your summer, and I look forward to seeing you on the ice in October!


Darren Sutherland

Vice President
Riverdale Curling League

2017-2018 Playoff Schedule Posted

The final results for 2017-2018 and the playoff schedule for April 14-15 have been posted to the Riverdale members page.

Most teams will play one game SATURDAY April 14, with winners continuing on Sunday April 15.

Don’t forget the season-ending banquet Sunday evening!

2018 Frostbite Bonspiel – Thank you for your support

Thank you Tile


Riverdale’s 2018 Do It On The Ice Committee would like to thank all participants and sponsors for making this year’s bonspiel a success.


Hello curlers,

In light of the unfortunate announcement last week [at the bottom of this post] delaying the start of the season, I wanted to provide an update on the schedule as well as provide some important information and administrative reminders.



Our first game of the season will be October 15th.  With respect to the Round 1 schedule, we will be moving the previously scheduled first game of the round to the last game of the round (i.e. games scheduled for October 1st will be played on December 3rd), but all remaining games in the round will remain unchanged.  An updated schedule will be posted shortly has now been posted, visit the Riverdale page now!

We have also confirmed that we will be maintaining our “playoff weekend” and finals banquet, which will now be scheduled for April 14th and 15th.


Beginners Clinic:

Unfortunately, at this time, we have not been able to reschedule the beginners’ clinic, as the planned club opening date has been pushed back once again to October 10th.  However, in speaking with the planning committee at the Royals, they are looking to schedule the clinic sometime during the week following the opening (we are tentatively looking at Saturday October 14th).  Once a date has been confirmed, all those who have registered for the clinic will be contacted with additional information.


Bell Rule:

You may have already seen a note posted on the original round 1 schedule, but I wanted to communicate to everyone the details of the change in the bell rule which we will be implementing this year.  The bell will now be rung (or deemed rung) after 1 hour and 35 minutes of play (i.e. 11:20am1:35pm3:50pm6:05pm). Previously, when the bell was rung, teams were not allowed to start another end.  However, this year once the bell is rung, teams will finish the end they are in and play one more end.  An end is considered complete when the final rock has been released, therefore, if the bell is rung after the last rock of an end has been released, teams will have the opportunity to play the next end, AND one additional end as the final end.  We are hoping that this change will encourage teams to maintain a faster pace that will allow for all eight ends of play, while still providing adequate time for ice maintenance and subsequent games to start on time.

Please ensure that you are on the ice and ready to start your game as soon as your sheet is clear.  If the game on your sheet is delayed, consider doing your coin toss and hand-shakes while you are waiting so that you are prepared to start as soon as the ice maintenance is complete. Keep your games moving by ensuring you are ready in the hack to throw your rocks, and helping to quickly clear rocks after each end (there is plenty of time to socialize after the game!).  We will be monitoring games for slow play, and will re-evaluate this rule should we notice games extending beyond their allotted time.


Liability Waivers:

If you haven’t sent in your liability waivers, please remember to bring them with you on your first game, and drop them off with one of the executive members.  A link to the waiver was provided in the original automated confirmation message during pre-registration, but if you’ve misplaced the email (or didn’t receive one), the waiver can be accessed through the following link:


FAQ Page:

Curious about how the points system works?  Wondering how you ended up in a higher division this year?  We have added an FAQ page to the website to answer questions we’ve received from the membership.  Check it out regularly, as we’ll continue to add to it throughout the season!


Again, I apologize for being the bearer of bad news and thank you for your understanding.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Looking forward to seeing you on the ice!



Darren Sutherland

Vice President

Riverdale Curling League


Original post:

Hello curlers!

While I’m sure you’ve all been enjoying the unseasonably warm weather, our curling club and ice makers have not been handling the heat wave quite so well. Due to the heat, the ice makers have been unable to get the ice bed cold enough to freeze properly. This has forced the club to delay opening until October 5th.

Unfortunately, this means we will have to delay the start of our season until after Thanksgiving, with the first game rescheduled for October 15th. In the meantime, the executive is working to find a solution for the scheduling that will ensure the same number of games, and maintain our playoff weekend and finals banquet. An updated season calendar and Round 1 schedule will be posted as soon as possible.

This also means that we will be cancelling the Beginner’s Clinic that was scheduled for October 2nd. While we hope to reschedule it for another date once the club has opened, this will be dependent on availability of ice time.

I apologize for the bad news, and appreciate your understanding. I know we’re all excited to get back on the ice!

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me directly, or by email at [email protected]


Darren Sutherland


Riverdale Spare Rules Diagram


Riverdale’s executive committee has released a new set of sparing rules (click here to view!) to simplify and clarify best practices. We hope this helps reduce confusion and keep competition balanced. Please contact any executive member if any questions!

Welcome 2015-2016 Executive Committee Members

Happy Spring! The sun is out, the ice is getting slushy, and it’s almost time to relax a bit, maybe participate in some summer sports for a while. But don’t go far – curling starts up again in just six months! Make sure to watch this site, our Facebook page, or our Twitter account to ensure you’re in the loop for registration deadlines and news.

As there are no contested positions for 2015-2016 all positions are acclaimed, and the banquet will be election-free, and partying-heavy – see you April 12th!

Your Executive Committee for 2015-2016:

  • President: Murray Leaning
  • Vice-President: Joey Taylor
  • Secretary: Kevin Maloney
  • Treasurer: Darren Sutherland
  • Draw Master: Glen Newell
  • Communications Coordinator: Cameron MacLeod
  • National Liaison: Scott Harcourt
  • Member Relations Coordinator: Howard Fraiberg
  • Events Coordinator: Scott MacDougall



Photos from 10th annual CGCC & 27th annual DIOTI




A message from
our amazing member
and super photographer
Gerry Lewis!



Hi curlers!

The photos from every day of the Riverdale Bonspiel and the CGCC are available to share. If you know anyone who’s not on Facebook, here are the direct links for each of the albums:

Thursday – Opening Ceremonies & Opening Draws:

Friday – Round Robin Draws & Sofonda Performance:

Saturday – Elimination Round & Playoffs

Sunday – Finals & Banquet

Enjoy the photos!


Some new amazing photos have arrived as well from Jennifer Girard – check them out here:

(you can download these by clicking the “…” icon at bottom right on any photo)

Riverdale’s “Draw to the button” is coming up!


Date: November 2, 2014 (or November 9 if not playing November 2)

The team draw to the button event will take place after the conclusion of each of the games scheduled on November 2. For teams with a bye on that day, the team draw to the button event will take place on November 9Teams do not have the option to choose the date, and teams who complete the challenge on November 2 do not have the option to redo it on November 9.

The team draw to the button will be used as a secondary means to break ties after the end of each round (i.e. which teams move up and down after each round, how teams are ranked for the playoffs, aggregate winner, etc).  Refer to the Players’ Guide & Orientation Guide for detailed information as to how ties are broken.

How many rocks does each team throw and who throws them?

  • Each player on the team will throw one (1) rock. A team will throw a total of four (4) rocks.  No practice rocks are permitted.
    • If a team has four (4) players and one of those players is a spare, the spare player will throw one (1) rock on behalf of that team.
    • In the event that a team has only three players, one (1) member of the team must throw two (2) rocks.
      • The team member throwing two (2) rocks must be either the first or second player, but not the skip.
      • In the event that one of the first two players is a spare, the regular team member must be the person to throw two (2) rocks. The spare player can throw only one rock on behalf of the team.
  • The order in which players throw does not need to follow the throwing order in a game situation
  • In order to expedite completion of the team draw to the button event, each team should alternate throwing.

Is sweeping permitted?

  • Sweeping is permitted.  Any combination of the team’s players may be used as sweepers. At no time can more than two (2) people sweep the stone.
  • Do NOT sweep opposition rocks behind the tee line.

How are points scored?

  • The final resting position of the rock will determine the number of points awarded for the draw. Record the score for each player and calculate your team score.
  • Players who do not participate will earn a score of 0.
  • Teams that fail to return the score card will earn an overall score of 0.


Any questions? Contact [email protected] or post on the Facebook group any time!


Riverdale & Rotators Registration Update


  • Riverdale 2014-2015 (Sundays) is FULL – all slots have been filled by returning teams, but we are still accepting people on the waiting and spare lists
  • Rotators 2014-2015 (Wednesday evenings) has spots remaining

Wednesday Sept 17th join us at Pegasus for a season-opening social! That evening you can:

  • Meet new and old friends!
  • Sign up for Rotators!
  • Pay your Rotators fees!
  • Get on the waiting list, in case slots open up in the next few weeks
  • Get on the spare list, so you can get in some occasional ice time
  • Sign up for the beginners’s clinic (open to first-year members and hopefully-new-curlers on the waiting list). Clinic is 10am-Noon on Saturday October 4th, at the Royals, but you must sign up September 17th at Pegasus!