Riverdale Executive Nominations Update


Here is an update on the number of nominations received by Murray for each role so far.

  • President: 1
  • Vice-President: 1
  • Secretary: 1
  • Treasurer: 1
  • Drawmaster: 2
  • Member Relations Coordinator: 1
  • External Relations Coordinator (nationals): 2
  • Comms Coordinator (website, email): 1
  • Events Coordinator (bonspiels, banquets): 1

Last update 2019-03-31 4:20pm

Every position on the Executive Committee is up for nomination and election each year. To learn more the roles, check out the By-Laws, or ask the current executive member and they’ll share their experiences. Four members of the current Executive Committee are retiring from their roles, so if you’re interested be sure to put your name in the hat!

Nominations close SUNDAY AT 6PM. Forms are available here or on the piano at the club.

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