2019 Heat Wave Bonspiel – Thank You


Riverdale Spare Rules Diagram


Photos from 10th annual CGCC & 27th annual DIOTI

The photos from every day of the Riverdale Bonspiel and the CGCC are available to share!


The secret of good sweeping


Welcome Curlers!


Request for Volunteers!

Your newly elected Events Coordinator Sara Clay is requesting volunteers to assist with the annual Do it on the Ice Riverdale Bonspiel.
As you know it is no easy task so pull off such a huge event so any and all offers of assistance will be graciously accepted! Volunteers are required for the following roles:
  • Shopping and decorating
  • Graphic design
  • Food and beverage (like eye-openers, Jell-O shots, free beer pouring, chips, etc)
  • Raffle tickets and prizes
  • Score keeping
  • Other “general operational tasks” over the weekend
Please message Sara directly either through Facebook Messenger or email saranne.clay@gmail.com what roles/tasks you are interested in helping out with!

2019-2020 Pre-Registration for Returning Curlers is Open

Hello Riverdale members!

Hope you’ve been enjoying your summer so far!  With Pride and Canada Day out of the way, we figure you MUST be ready to start thinking about curling again, right?!

2019-2020 Fees: (unchanged from last year)

1 payment of $345, or
2 payments of $190 (total = $380)

2019-20 Registration Timeline

Pre-registration period (online) July 3 – August 31
Summer social July 13
Confirmation sent to returning members September 4
Deadline for payment and waivers to confirm registration September 11
Registration night (in person) for unfilled spaces September 11
First day of curling (tentative) October 6


Pre-registration for returning Riverdale curlers will start JULY 3, 2019 and will close on August 31, 2019. Priority will be given to teams with 3 or more returning members – teams with fewer than 3 returning members will be prioritized on a pre-registration waiting list until the end of the pre-registration period, based on the time and date the online registration is received. (Prioritization diagram)

  1. Pre-registration must be completed by ONE team member using the following link: http://toronto.gaycurl.ca/2019-riverdale-pre-registration/. You will be asked to provide your team members’ contact information; this will help us ensure our contact list is current – please make every effort to ensure all contact information is filled out accurately. Please note: online pre-registration requests, and automated acknowledgement emails, are NOT confirmations of registration. We will confirm your team’s successful pre-registration by email no later than September 4, 2019.
  2. Fifth players do not count as “returning” members for pre-registration priority.
  3. Once your team’s pre-registration has been confirmed, payment must be made by Interac money transfer, PayPal or cheque/cash to complete your registration.
  4. If you wish to pay by Interac money transfer or PayPal, a link will be sent to you once your team’s pre-registration is confirmed.
  5. You may also pay by cash or cheque at registration night on September 11, 2019 at Pegasus. Please make all cheques payable to Riverdale Curling League.
  6. A minimum payment of $190 per player must be received by Wednesday, September 11, 2019 in order to complete your registration and secure your team’s spot in the league.

The annual registration night for new curlers will take place on Wednesday, September 11, 2019 at 7:00PM at Pegasus (489 Church Street).

The date for our annual beginners’ clinic is still being scheduled, and will be announced once confirmed.

The first day of curling for Riverdale is tentatively scheduled (depending on weather and ice) for October 6, 2019. Check the season calendar for the full season schedule.

If you haven’t already done so, please join our Facebook group, and check out the website regularly for the season calendar, updates and other news.

Enjoy the rest of your summer, and I look forward to seeing you at the social on July 13, or on the ice in October!


Edward Dodd
Vice President
Riverdale Curling League

2019 Heat Wave Bonspiel Results


Scores will be posted to the Heat Wave Bonspiel Results page. Check back for results throughout the weekend. Good curling!

2019 Heat Wave Bonspiel – Thank You



The Do It On The Ice Bonspiel Committee would like to thank all participants for making this year’s bonspiel the hottest spiel yet.



2019 Heat Wave Sponsors.

2019 Heat Wave Sponsors.

2019 National Championships and Ottawa Bonspiel Update

Once again this year, the Rainbow Rockers, Ottawa’s LGBTQ-friendly curling league, will be hosting the Canadian Gay Curling Championship (CGCC) & Over the Rainbow Bonspiel (OTRB) from March 21-24, 2019 at the Ottawa Curling Club.

The OTRB will be a 24-team bonspiel; all teams are guaranteed 4 games, three pool games, and one event game. Breakfast and a banquet dinner on Saturday are included in the entry fee of $420 for both the OTRB & CGCC. The CGCC will be 16 teams with a representative from across Canada we are looking forward to hosting you in Ottawa.

Registration will be open as of Saturday, December 15th at noon for out of town teams only. The Ottawa registration will take place on January 19 at noon for the CGCC & OTRB. We ask that you complete the online registration at http://www.rainbowrockers.org and then send an Interac e-transfer to treasurer@rainbowrockers.ca no later than January 12 at 6 p.m for out of town teams and Feb 2 at 6 pm for Ottawa teams. Should you wish to send a cheque (the deadlines must still be respected), you may send it to the following address, made payable to the Rainbow Rockers Curling League:

OTRB Treasurer
c/o Steve Horwood
221 North River Rd
Ottawa ON K1L 8B6

Spots are limited, so register early!

Please note that no registration will be considered complete until payment has been received. Once received, we will send you an email informing you that your registration has been accepted. Please remember to put your team name in the comments portion of any e-transfer or on your cheque. Please, one payment per team.

It is important to know that the bonspiel schedule has games starting on Thursday at 8 a.m. All teams will play a minimum of one game on opening day; every effort will be made to accommodate out-of-town teams, but unfortunately, there can be no guarantee of a late start. Once registrations are closed, your schedule will be posted on the website by Feb 9th early enough so that your teams may make appropriate travel arrangements.

Of course, this year’s host hotel is again the Victoria Suites Best Western Hotel located on O’Connor Street at Gladstone Avenue.

A rate is being confirmed and will be updated in a follow-up email.

Looking forward to seeing all of you at the Ottawa Curling Club March 21th!
Respectfully yours,

Natalie Lloyd
Chair, 2019 CGCC & OTRB Organizing Committee

Cette année encore, la ligue de curling pro-LGBTQ d’Ottawa les Rainbow Rockers accueillera le Championnat gai de curling du Canada (CGCC) et le bonspiel « Over the Rainbow » (BOTR) du 21 au 24 mars 2019 au Ottawa Curling Club.

Chacune des 24 équipes participant au BOTR aura au moins quatre matchs, dont trois matchs de poule et un match en phase éliminatoire. Les frais d’inscription de 420 $ par équipe, tant pour le CGCC que pour le BOTR, comprennent le déjeuner du samedi matin et le banquet du samedi soir. Le CGCC comptera 16 équipes représentant toutes les régions du Canada. Nous avons hâte de vous accueillir à Ottawa!

Les équipes extérieures seulement pourront s’inscrire dès midi le samedi 15 décembre. L’inscription locale aura lieu dès midi le 19 janvier, tant pour le CGCC que pour le BOTR. Nous vous demandons de bien vouloir remplir le formulaire d’inscription au http://www.rainbowrockers.org puis envoyer un virement Interac au treasurer@rainbowrockers.ca avant 18 heures le 12 janvier pour les équipes extérieures, et avant 18 heures le 2 février pour les équipes d’Ottawa. Si vous préférez envoyer un chèque à l’ordre des « Rainbow Rockers » (tout en respectant les échéances), vous pouvez l’envoyer à l’adresse suivante :

Trésorier du BOTR
a/s Steve Horwood
221 North River Road
Ottawa ON K1L 8B6

Les places sont limitées, alors inscrivez-vous tôt!

Veuillez noter que l’inscription n’est considérée comme étant complète que sur réception du paiement. Une fois votre paiement reçu, nous vous enverrons un courriel confirmant votre inscription. N’oubliez pas de mettre le nom de votre équipe dans la section réservée aux observations, dans le cas d’un virement électronique, ou à l’endos de votre chèque. SVP, un seul paiement par équipe.

Il est important de noter que les premiers matchs auront lieu le jeudi à 8 heures. Toutes les équipes auront au moins un match le premier jour. Nous ferons notre possible pour prendre en compte les souhaits des équipes extérieures, mais nous ne pouvons garantir à l’avance que votre premier match commencera plus tard. Une fois l’inscription close, nous afficherons l’horaire des matchs sur notre site Web dans un délai qui vous permettra d’organiser vos déplacements en conséquence.

Naturellement, encore une fois cette année, l’hôtel d’accueil est l’hôtel Best Western Victoria Suites, situé rue O’Connor, angle avenue Gladstone. Nous sommes en train de confirmer le tarif et vous en mettrons au courant dans un courriel ultérieur.

Au plaisir de vous voir tous au Ottawa Curling Club le 21 mars!

Respectueusement vôtre,

Natalie Lloyd
Présidente du comité organisateur des CGCC & BOTR 2019

Broom Clarification

Emails this week included details on which brooms / brush heads are allowed on the ice at the Royals this year, but due to an editing error we created a little confusion for skips. Just to ensure clarity, we are not allowing the following devices for sweeping:

  • hair brushes
  • corn brooms
  • Hardline brooms with plastic inserts

The Skips email included a link to the World Curling Federation’s rules as context, but we are not following the WCF rules which are far more restrictive. If any questions, email riverdale@gaycurl.ca any time!

Beginner’s Clinic

Riverdale & Rotators Beginners Clinic: Monday October 1, from 6:30-8:30.

Be sure to email riverdale@gaycurl.ca if you have not yet registered for the clinic.


Update on 2018-2019 Season Fees

Last week the Riverdale Curling League Executive Committee met to begin preparations for the upcoming season, and discussed many topics including registration, member communications, and budgets. After reviewing some financial details, it was decided by the committee to share those details with current and potential members ahead of opening pre-registration for the 2018-19 season.
We have been advised that the Royal Canadian Curling Club is increasing our ice rental fees by 17% for next year. Ice rental fees are about 75% of our annual spending, so the executive decided that we must increase our membership fees to avoid a budget shortfall. Full-year fees will be increasing to $345 per member, and half-year fees will increase to $190.
While we were able to maintain fees at $275 for many years by cutting or eliminating costs to offset ice fee increases, now that ice fees represent a more significant portion of our total expenses, we need to increase league fees in order to maintain a balanced budget.  The following graph shows the increase in ice rental fees charged by the club compared to Riverdale fee increases over the last nine seasons:  


The Executive Committee is working to give you a great curling experience at the most reasonable cost.  While we realize that this news comes after having increased fees last season, through our discussions with the club, we do not anticipate any significant increases in ice rental fees for the next few years, and therefore we hope to minimize future membership fee increases.   As always, if you have any questions or concerns regarding this or any other topic, please feel free to reach out to myself or any member of the Executive Committee.
On another note, we will be opening pre-registration for returning members (full paid members from the prior season) on Monday June 19th – as a reminder, priority will be given to teams with 3 or more returning members; teams with fewer than 3 returning members will be prioritized on a pre-registration waiting list until the end of the pre-registration period.  Watch for another email with additional details once the pre-registration site is open!  
Wishing you all a great summer, and looking forward to another great season! 
Darren Sutherland
Vice President
Riverdale Curling League

2017 Member Survey Results

After our season ended, we asked for your feedback, and did you ever deliver! Check out the results below, and stay tuned for more from the Executive Committee throughout the next season!

(Click here for 2017_Riverdale_Survey_Results in PDF format)







As some of you may or may not have heard, Bell (and Rogers) have implemented a massive increase in cost for licensed establishments to carry TSN and Sportsnet.

For the Royals, we would be looking at a fee of over $300/month for those channels, on top of our regular tv bill.

Please take a few minutes to check out this website below and consider sending emails to the federal government members and Bell or Rogers asking them to cancel the increase in cable fees that will have a negative impact on all curling clubs!